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Gum Recession & Gum Grafting

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Gum Recession & Gum Grafting

Causes of Gum Recession

There are varieties of reasons why your gums may recede. Most problematic gum recession, however, is related to periodontal bone loss, bite trauma from subconscious clenching and grinding, or inadequate firm attached gum tissue (gingiva) over the roots and bone.

Periodontal bone loss due to Peritonitis is managed with various surgical and non-surgical therapies. A custom-made bite guard is needed to protect teeth from clenching and grinding. Inadequate attached gum tissue is treated with gum grafting.

Gum Grafting

The main reason to perform the gum (gingival) grafting is to protect the underlying bone and prevent further recession.  For this treatment, the graft is positioned at the existing gum level and extended over the bone to increase the width and thicknes of firm, abrasion-resistant gingiva.‚Äč                          
Before Gum Grafting
After Gum Grafting
Sometimes, if an upper front tooth is involved, there may be a cosmetic reason to use a gum graft to cover an exposed root.  Root coverage grafting is more complicated and takes longer to heal, but when necessary, this procedure can restore a more aesthetic and beautiful smile. 
Before Root Coverage
After Root Coverage
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